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Freekeh is roasted green wheat, but with a special nutritional value higher than other grains. Freekeh is harvested when young so that it retains more nutrients than wheat harvested when matured. This young green wheat has a higher protein, carbohydrate, vitamin, and mineral content.

Freekeh holds more nutrients than any other crop, thereby offering better nutrition!

When you eat the same amount of freekeh calories as farro, you’ll pack more protein, more fiber, and twice as much iron as you consume less starch and less fat.

Freekeh has twice as much iron and fewer calories than Quinoa, three-time the fiber content of and half the protein content of brown rice,

It just not a grain with a great name it’s a grain that is worth its reputation.

Brief History Of Freekeh

The story of Freekeh (free-Kuh or free-Kah) which means “to rub” is an ancient one. They say it dates as far back as 2,300 BC and was common among people of the middle east and north Africa. The legend goes that when raiding and village burning was seen as might and conquest, after attacking a village in the Mediterranean, they set their field of green wheat on fire. To salvage what they could, the poor villager rubbed away the burnt layer and discovered that the grain had ripened due to the heat and that it had maintained its greenish color. This discovery led to the birth of freekeh as we know it today.

Health Benefits


Whole grains rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease in studies. Freekeh is rich in fiber, minerals and may help lower blood pressure and lower (bad) cholesterol AKA LDL. It helps to maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of having diabetes.


Every grain of freekeh is loaded with prebiotics. Prebiotics are indigestible fibers that support the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine. Freekeh also contains insoluble fiber that is beneficial for healthy digestion.


As a nutrient-dense whole grain, freekeh provides nutrition to promote wellness and longevity. Freekeh is rich in essential minerals and vitamins. It also has lutein and zeaxanthin, which are the two major carotenoids responsible for healthy aging.

Because of the Prebiotic contents in the freekeh grain, the growth of bacteria that are useful to the intestines are produced along with indigestible fibers.


Freekeh has heart-healthy nutrients. It also has a very low glycine index; it is rich in fiber, Whole Grain Freekeh can help reduce the absorption of glucose into your blood. It is also filled with vitamins and minerals that help blood sugar regulation and inflammation reduction.

Cooking Freekeh

I know that you’d not see this as a nutritional fact, but believe me, nothing is more nutritional than actually cooking the meal itself.

Freekeh, is easy to make, all you need is knowing the right amount of water to grain and cooking time and you ok. If you have cooked whole grains before, you’d find that Freekeh is adaptable. You can cook almost everything with it. From porridge to tabbouleh. You can also use it to make a base for a bowl of grain, chicken, or fish. It’s hard to go wrong with Freekeh, so don’t worry about experimenting. Try this simple recipe, simply bring 2 1/2 cups of water to a boil and add 1 cup of freekeh let it steamer for 25-30 minutes or till water is completely absorbed You’re going to get about 3 cups of freekeh cooked, which is enough for 4 servings.


Freekeh is an ancient whole grain that is nutrient-dense. It is a healthy source of protein, iron, fiber, Manganese phosphorous, magnesium & B vitamins all essential for healthy living and great aging.

Any grain that is heart-friendly, gut-friendly, helps reduces the risk of gaining weight, assist positively in the aging process, and helps the blood sugar stay normal, and it is easy to cook and delicious of course,  is a must-have in every home.


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